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image Controlled Data, Inc. is an innovative leader in utility management software solutions. CDI products incorporate the latest software development technologies which reduce the effort to create, deploy and support business critical enterprise solutions.

Itron Partnership - As a licensed Itron partner, CDI provides endpoint processing software for both utilities and meter manufacturers. Itron technology, used in conjunction with CDI software, enhances a customer's ability to quickly and effectively program and check ERTs in a cost effective manner.


EPS - Endpoint Processing System

image EPS is a software solution for processing Itron endpoints (ERTs). EPS significantly reduces ERT processing time by automating the programming, reading and checking processes. Instead of processing ERTs one at a time, EPS can process ERTs in large quantities or in bulk unattended. EPS can process ERTs for both utilities as well as manufacturers.

EPS Features:

  • Program, check, read and reset Itron ERTs
  • Process ERTs individually, by the box or in large quantities
  • Verify ERTs are programmed and programmed correctly
  • Program mobile mode and Openway ERTs
  • All ERT processing data is stored in a SQL Server database

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